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Keeping you healthy through continuous measurement of carbs and calories

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About Us

MakeSense develops an Artificial Intelligence based solution to detect and accurately measure the nutritional value (carbs, and calories) of every meal consumed by the user. Using available, non-intrusive, wearable sensors, including at least a Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor

Various studies have proven that receiving frequent feedback is most effective for achieving diet goals. Moreover: diet is a proven method to prevent, manage, and bring to a remission of many medical conditions such as: diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.


There is no currently available solution for nutritional monitoring and diet management that is both accurate, convenient to use, and relevant to any diet. MakeSense data-driven, personalized, accurate and continuous solution for diet management is of great value both for the user/patient and their therapist (physician, dietitian, nutritionist).

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How it Works

During and after the meal, values of key body bio-markers (blood glucose concentration,heart rate, etc..) are altered.

Using available, continuous, non-intrusive wearable sensors, specifically a CGM sensor this response can be measured and analyzed.


Our solution for the first time uses the fusion of: Continuously sampled bio-sensors; State of the art ML algorithms; Clinically proven metabolic models to
provide accurate and objective nutritional data

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For the User

To date, nutritional monitoring is enabled by tedious meal logging in a food diary. For the first time, MakeSesne mobile app will automatically detect eating, and analyze the nutritional content of every meal consumed by the user.

Based on the analysis, MakeSense app will provide feedback to the user on their eating patterns, and help plan next meals in order to achieve dietary goals.

This unprecedented continuous, frequent and convenient nutritional feedback – proven to be most effective in a weight loss diet – will greatly assist pre-diabetics and T2D patients to achieve remission of the Diabetic condition.

Insulin treated Diabetics are concerned with Carbs estimation in every meal consumed. MakeSense will provide the insulin treated Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetic, with an educational coaching application that will provide an accurate feedback, on Carbs content of consumed meals, enabling better estimation of next meals, for better Glycemic Control.

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For the Therapist

MakeSense will provide the therapist with sophisticated nutritional monitoring tools based on rich information about eating patterns (including mealtimes and nutritional contents). The platform will enable assessment of diet adherence and update dietary recommendations.  This important contribution to the professionally guided diet therapy, will help achieving diet therapy goals.


In addition,  using its algorithms, MakeSense will provide the Endocrinologist and Diabetic nurse a unique Decision Support System that will be based on a record of Hypo/Hyper glycemia events alongside with insulin injections, mealtimes, and carbs content for every consumed meal, which doesn't rely on meal reporting by the user. This unprecedented capability will enable better treatment adjustment (e.g. insulin dosage) for better glycemic control.

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